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2015 Holiday Market

--------Vendor Application-------

2015 Tallassee Holiday Market

December 4th & 5th

One Great Location!

DAY 1: FRIDAY, December 4th

11:00am to 6:30 PM (ends with City's Christmas Tree lighting event)

Set up: between 9:30am and 11:30am

DAY 2: SATURDAY, December 5th

8am to 1:00pm (Parade begins at 10:00am)

Set up: between 6:30am and 7:45am


$18.00 for single day or both days for $25.00. Vendor fees due by Monday, November 30th.

Print this page.

Fill out the short contact form (after Guidelines section)

Make checks payable to: Tallassee Holiday Market

Mail to:

Tallassee Holiday Market

c/o Tripp Storm

504 Eubanks Street

Tallassee AL 36078

Additional contact and info:

email: tallasseemarket@gmail.com

phone: 334-324-3492


You will receive a confirmation call and/or email when your application is received.

All vendors are responsible for their own set up and displays.



Set-up, parking, Vendor needs, electricity:

Bring your own:

Vendors provide their own tent - up to 10'x10' (examples), tables, chairs, signage, table decor and labor. Be sure to bring tent pegs and tie line, in case of windy conditions. Some vendors use one gallon jugs of water or sand bags as weights.

This is an outdoor event. Dress accordingly for weather and bring portable propane (non-electric) personal heaters, if you desire a fueled heat source. All propane heaters must have safety mesh/grill with no open-flames extending or being forced beyond the mesh/grill. Examples of reasonable propane heaters that are safe for up close use are: Coleman SportCat, Mr. Heater Portable Buddy.  You might also consider disposable hand and foot warmers.

Of course, this is "Alabama Winter" and it might be 75+ degrees but good planning will help insure comfort, should the temperature tumble into the 30's.

Parking, unloading and set-up:

When you arrive, check in with the manager to identify your vendor location and to coordinate parking, unloading and any last minute details or changes, if any.

Vendors will be able to park relatively close to the market grounds but be prepared to carry or cart your goods anywhere from 25 to 100 feet away.

No parking is allowed on the grass at Veterans' Park but we will help you get as close as possible for unloading and also help you park your unloaded vehicle in a convenient and close spot for the duration of the market.

General note on electricity:

We do not have ample electricity to power electric heaters or other extra devices, equipment, tools or high-wattage lights. However, we understand some gift items and food units need to be powered. Please, address any power needs with the manager prior to submitting your fee and registration form.

Additional electricity needs:

Please, let us know if your particular product absolutely must have electricity to demonstrate or create an on-demand product. Examples: scent warmers, instant monogram sewer, pre-approved cooking or temperature controlled food appliances.

For vendors using laptops or cell phones to process credit cards, we will provide a courtesy charging station to temporarily charge device batteries. However, for the most reliable outcome, Vendors should come prepared with fully-charged devices and back-up batteries.

In regards to lighting for Friday, December 3rd: It begins to get dark, starting about 4:45pm. We will provide white Christmas stringer lights, along the tent fronts, to add some festive light to shop by. Vendors may bring battery-operated spotlights, book lights or other directional lighting to highlight their merchandise. Please, do not blind shoppers or your neighbor vendor with lights that shine in all directions. Vendors may also bring one or two electric clip lights with no higher than 60 watt bulbs.

To plug in to the power in the park, vendors will also need to provide a 25' foot extension cord to exit at the back corner of their tent for the manager to tie in to the power.

A great lighting suggestion is to use LED flashlights or booklights. LED lights can last for hours on battery power and the bulbs can last for years. They are also easy to place around displays and create a focused accent of light to help direct shopper's eyes to your items. (examples of LED)

Are you primarily onsite food or take-away gifts?

Onsite food includes any food or beverage intended to be consumed within an hour.

Examples: Polish sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers, fried foods, other prepared-while-you-wait foods, popcorn, peanuts, lemonade, sodas, hot chocolate/coffee and water.

Take-away gifts can include baked goods, preserves, dry soup mixes, handcrafted items, instant photos and/or personalized embroidery, and other specialty products intended as gifts or foods to be enjoyed at a later time.

Basically, stick with your category. Vendors should focus on their primary merchandise and refrain from selling items that do not reflect their primary theme, merchandise or function. This approach gives shoppers a more diverse and organized shopping experience and allows each Vendor to showcase their unique items.  Examples: A baker could sell cookie-cutter ornaments but not general decor or items that do not carry a baking theme. A candle maker can sell decorated coffee cups, if the candle comes in the coffee cup.

Vendors with portable kitchen units may only sell pre-approved food items and must display their Health inspection permits at all times. Contact The Alabama Dept of Public Health for further info on mobile food vendor certification at: ADPH. The event is in Tallapoosa County.

If you are unsure of your category, permit needs or allowed items, please, do not hesitate to inquire with the manager, well ahead of the event date.

Fresh Produce and Canned items:

All vendors with produce-related items must be pre-approved by the manager to sell regulated produce items and be in compliance with the State of Alabama's Department of Agriculture and/or Farmers' Market Authority guidelines for these items. No resell items. If you are already an approved Tallassee Farmers' Market Vendor, your Grower's Permit and/or vendor's license should still be active for the Holiday Market.

Non-Commercial Kitchen Rules:

All "Home Kitchen" food items baked, preserved or otherwise prepared and packaged in a non-commercial kitchen environment, must be packaged and plainly labeled with the following statement: "Not prepared in a Commercial Kitchen" plus, a list of ingredients and contact information for the vendor must be attached and/or included with each item purchased. Vendors must also display a sign on their tent or table with the same non-commercial statement.

Items absolutely NOT allowed to be sold:

NO live animals, alcohol, firearms or ammunition, tobacco, toxic chemicals, pre-packaged or re-packaged name-brand foods.

Examples of exceptions to the rule: a decorated coffee cup or sealed Mason/Ball jar with dry hot chocolate or custom blend of dry soup mix inside (items must be packaged per Home Kitchen rules), unloaded shotgun shells made into ornaments, baked goods made with alcohol-based flavors (not drenched).

Please, inquire with the manager if you are unsure of any items you intend to sell.

Need a big table or tent?

We do have a limited number of 8' tables for rent at $6.00 per table and tents for $20, if needed. Please, let us know if you need any rentals before you pay your vendor's fee and no later than 5:00pm, Monday, November 26th. This will insure we still have the tables available.

Did we forget something?

If there are additional needs or details not covered here, please, do not hesitate to call or email for further assistance and/or clarification. Like all events, both, new and old, Tallassee's Holiday Market is an ongoing work in progress. Vendor input is very welcomed and greatly appreciated!



Tripp Storm

Market Manager



or     trippstorm@gmail.com


---------------------------HOLIDAY MARKET 2012 VENDOR FORM-------------------------

please, submit this form with your Vendor fee

______ I have read and agree to the guidelines for this event (sign your initials to agree)

  • NAME:____________________________________________________________

  • PRODUCTS:________________________________________________________

  • PHONE:_______________________EMAIL:_______________________________

  • (Select days)   -  FRIDAY    SATURDAY    or       BOTH

  • Any Special Notes/Attention, write below:

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