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Community Vendors Info

Community Vendors Information

NOTE: These guidelines are being edited and are not complete nor have been approved as a final draft.

The Tallassee Farmers' Market is pleased to be able to share the greenspace at City Hall and welcomes the coordinated effort by the City of Tallassee, The Farmers' Market and area Community Vendors to present an ongoing Saturday morning event that will provide a safe and clean space as an Open-Air Public Market.

Currently, there are five categories of vendors. They are:

1. Certified Growers
2. Baked Goods, Specialties & Sweets
3. Community Vendor
4. Food & Beverage
5. Artisans & Crafters

The following information will help outline the various categories and what each type of vendor may sell:

A Farmers' Market Certified Grower or Specialties Vendor may sell the following:
fresh, locally grown produce, value-added items, fresh cut flowers, plants, herbs, baked goods, and home kitchen-prepped foods (per State guidelines). In order to qualify to sell home kitchen prepared foods or fresh produce at a recognized Farmers' Market or to operate as a roadside produce stand, vendors must meet certain qualifications and adhere to public health and safety guidelines, as well as obtain proper permits from each prospective Grower's/Vendor's  appropriate County Extension Office. 

A Community Vendor may sell items and goods that do not conflict with local and state laws and fall under the following general descriptions:
Previously Owned household items
Baby Items (not food or formula)

Food & Drink : Only approved Food & Drink Vendors may sell prepared food items. This includes, sandwiches, fried/boiled/baked foods, salads, snacks, sodas, lemonade, water, coffee, juice or other liquids. 

A special category for Artisans & Crafters has been set aside to accommodate vendors that produce handmade works of art. This may include, painting, sculpture, pottery, textiles/weavings, baskets, woodworks, musical instruments, and other items otherwise considered as mixed-media and/or visual arts.

Items that cannot be sold by any participating vendor are:
Medical supplies
Fireworks / Explosives
- or any other item the Market Manager and/or the Market Committee deems unsafe, hazardous or conflicting in nature to the Public Market and Family-Friendly atmosphere.

Information coming soon. 

Please, contact the Market Manager at: